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They talk about us

“Promito Playback is an amazing group that breathes and moves together like one organic entity. The actors used the fabric in such a creative metaphorical way to express emotions that audience members were sitting with their mouths open, moved and astonished. I recommend (Promito) to everyone open to a profound and soulful experience that leaves you feeling deeply connected to everyone else who shared it.”– Zsofia Maczo, spectator

“I was amazed…each actor moved me in a different way. The performance gave the audience the chance to get to know each other and make wonderful discoveries. The finale was very interesting as well, like a collage of the whole moment. I can see how positive and useful Playback could be for different groups, in many ways. I want to thank you all for your generosity and commitment to what you do.”– 

Claude-Hélène Desrosiers, spectator

“The simplicity and the ability to capture the underlying emotion. A nice surprise and a nice gift. More impact than when the same words are reused by the actors. Going for the hidden emotion, that's the magic of your tool.”– 

Sandrine Ziosi, spectator

"I loved! I learned that it's really important to talk about it…and that it's not just violence, bullying.”–  Jade, student participant

at the show No More Bullying

“I loved doing this project especially when we were doing the statues. Thank you for accepting me and I loved the team.”– 

Aaliyah, participant

“Yes, of course (that I recommend this program to other schools). Because it is useful for everyone. Keep up the great work.”– 

Luc Paquette, teacher

about the show No More Bullying

“You can send a message while having fun. There are several kinds of theatre.”– Frédéric, student participant

at the show No More Bullying

“We did several bullying prevention interventions, and the interactive theater experience was a very important part of those interventions this year. The students who participated as actors greatly appreciated it. The fact that the show was presented in class had a positive effect because the students were more comfortable sharing their experiences. I recommend to all my colleagues who are specialized educators to use theater intervention as a medium of intervention.
A big thank you for your listening, your adaptation and your professionalism!”
– Karine Gagné, special educator

I recommend the No More Bullying show because it's a different avenue that could reach students who are not touched by other more 'common' approaches.”– 

Caroline, teacher

“What I liked the most was being in front of everyone and I really liked his participation in this project. I learned that having the leaflet is useless. And bullying isn't just verbal. Thank you too, I hope to be able to see you again one day.”– 

Sabrina, participating student

from the show No More Bullying

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