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Differences / The Clash (2009-2011)


This tour of shows, produced by the Ateliers l'Aquarium et le Globe and subsidized by the Canada Council for the Arts, addressed the issue of the clash of differences in our society. In this context, Promito Playback collaborated on the second part of the show to initiate a dialogue with the spectators.

“No more Bullying” intervention (2011 to present)


Since 2011, Promito Playback has offered the “No more bullying” intervention in schools. It makes it possible to flush out the situations experienced and to propose concrete actions to counter bullying.

We went to: Butler Elementary School, Farhnam Elementary school, École Niska (Opitciwan), École Saint Simon Apôtre, École Hubert Perron.

Crossing the Main: stories of French and English speakers in Montreal (2014-2015)


This project, produced by Ateliers l'Aquarium et le Globe and co-directed by Gail Marlene Schwartz and Élisabeth Couture, invited French and English speakers from Montreal to share their stories during three Promito Playback shows. English-speaking Montrealers were invited to a show in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and French-speaking people on the Plateau-Mont-Royal. The third in the series where people of all languages ​​and cultures were welcomed to meet and share their stories took place in February 2015 at the Mainline Theater. A presentation was also given for the launch of # 4 TicARTtoc of Diversité Artistique Montréal.



Since 2012, Promito Playback has committed to give open workshops on a regular basis. The troupe also hosts periodic trainings to share knowledge of playback theater.


Training and events


The troupe continues to develop and perfect its knowledge by organizing or following more advanced trainings of international artists (Russia, United States, Brazil ...) and by organizing and participating in regional meetings in Montreal and Toronto . Some of its members also participated in the international playback theater conference in Montreal in 2015.

Other shows


December 2019 - 10 years of Promito and Ateliers l'Aquarium et le Globe, Bain Mathieu

November 2019 - Listening, Performance and Conflict Symposium, Concordia

May 2019 - Museums Day at the Stewart Museum

August 2018 - ASA Social Arts Summer Closing Party

July 2018 - Global Forest Coalition Conference

April 2018 - "Living together, with the Earth" Moroccan Cultural Center

November 2017 - "Living together" Moroccan Cultural Center

October 2015 - “Finding balance”, La Place Commune

June 2014 - End of season show, Freestanding room

April 2014 - ROCHA (organizations and citizens of Anjou)

April 2014 - Radical Queer week, Freestanding Room

March 2014 - “Against racism: the Way of Listening”, Freestanding room

March 2014 - Henri Bradet Day Center, CSSS Cavendish

February 2014 - Anti-bullying week, Cégep Vanier (2 shows)

February 2014 - February show, Freestanding room

September 2013 - "When stories come to life", Cartierville Library

September 2013 - Emmanuelle Association

June 2013 - Spring show, Cagibi

February - 2013 - “An afternoon with Promito Playback”, Bain Mathieu

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