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Center for Playback Theater : The center was created by the founders of Playback theater Jo Salas and Jonathan Fox. Located in New York State, it offers international training, educational resources and support to affiliated schools and accredited trainers around the world. The center supports the ethics and excellence of the practice of Playback theater.


International Playback Network : Formed in 1990, the international network is an association of groups, practitioners and supporters of Playback theater.


International Playback Theater Camp : The international camp is an annual event that allows practitioners of Playback theater around the world to get together in a friendly way while participating in high-level training.




Les Ateliers l'Aquarium et le Globe: The OBNL has supported and worked with Promito Playback since its beginning. Its mission is to preserve and promote diversity and freedom of expression in the cultural environment through the exploration of new relationships between artists and the community.


Affiliated school of Playback Theatre in French-language: Founded by Élisabeth Couture and Davis Rodríguez Meléndez in 2019, the school is accredited by the Playback Theater Center and offers training recognized by the latter.


Montreal Playback is an English-speaking playback theater group in Montreal.


The facebook group: Réseau québécois de théâtre d'intervention enables you to be in contact with different practitioners of social theater in Quebec.




Improvising real life, Jo Salas


Act of service, Jonathan Fox


Beyond Theater, Jonathan Fox


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Playback Theatre Code of Ethics   (PDF Format)




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