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No More Bullying!

A proven theater intervention


No More Bullying is an effective and mobilizing theatrical intervention. It makes it possible to flush out the situations experienced and to propose concrete actions to counter bullying. This approach has been tested for over ten years in New York State by the team of Jo Salas, co-founder of Playback Theater. This style of performance based on spectator stories has been practiced for over 30 years in several countries.

We are Promito Playback, a theater troupe made up of intervention theater professionals. We are concerned about the harm of pressure, threats and assaults, verbal or non-verbal that children and youth experience in schools. We salute the government's action plan of Bill 56 and offer you a practical, fun and incisive tool for its application.



• To educate students so that they understand what it is all about (bullying being different from arguments between peers, for example);
• To provide students who are victims of bullying with a space for affirmation and resolution;
• To make witnesses aware of the power they have to reduce bullying at school;
• To introduce students to a vocabulary to discuss and report the problem;
• To identify specific actions that students can implement;
• To make bullies aware of their impacts;
• To create a space for openness and sharing.



Promito Playback program addresses bullying at school through interactive theater. Students are invited to share their observations, feelings, and experiences about bullying. Each story is played on the spot by the actors. It emphasizes the role of the witness and the power of the witness to contribute to the establishment of a climate of safety and respect at school. Through role play and sharing personal stories, we explore and expose specific actions that the witness can take.

Students will learn how to act in several situations, including these:

  • When witnessing bullying, to not join the bully and how to intervene in a supportive way.

  • To seek help from adults and do it in a way that does not endanger anyone, neither themselves nor the bully.

  • To support the student who is being bullied.

  • To express their disagreement to the bullies.



  • An hour-long show: A team of five adults (a facilitator, three actors and a musician) play one or more interactive shows.

  • A show co-animated with young people: Beforehand, animators from our company (minimum two) lead a series of workshops to train up to 20 students. Subsequently, they present interactive shows in collaboration with three professional contributors from our team (we recommend this approach with young people in fifth grade and above).

Since it is essential to present these shows in a safe and respectful environment, we limit the number of spectators to 50-60 students. Smaller groups are preferable, if possible. We can offer up to three shows per day, for several days if necessary.
It is important to note that we provide documents that include the program of the show as well as preparation and follow-up guidelines for teachers.

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