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Promito Backing Track

Promito Playback has been a playback theater company since 2009. Promito is multicultural and bilingual French-English. The group has worked in multiple contexts (community organizations, residences for the elderly, primary and secondary schools, special events, French schools ...) on themes such as difference, language, environment and bullying.

What is Playback theater

An often poetic universe of spontaneity, openness, listening, sensitivity, non-judgment, simplicity, respect ...

Playback theater is a theatrical encounter where spectators can tell moments or stories from their lives and see them improvised on the spot. Each scene is a humble and unpretentious reflection that seeks to remain faithful to the story told and allows the storyteller to see it in a new light.

It is a play space that invites sharing.

This technique was developed by Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas in 1975 and is now practiced in over sixty-five countries. Its artistic and sociological influences are community rituals, oral traditions, improvisation, music, and the firm belief that everyone has a place in their community.

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